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Teeth-Filing: The Dangerous New TikTok Trend

Quarantine has been hard on all of us, and it’s left some people with a bit too much time on their hands. Along with making sourdough bread, some folks have resorted to shaving and filing their own teeth to get the perfect smile. But the resulting symmetrical smile brings a load of dental health issues with it, resulting in unintended consequences that could last a lifetime.

This dangerous new TikTok trend can lead to serious dental problems later on, despite leaving you with a straighter smile. It can result in enamel erosion which increases tooth sensitivity. Invisalign is a much better option for straightening your teeth that also protects you from the pitfalls of DIY dentistry.

Why are TikTokers filing their teeth?

It’s completely understandable to want straighter teeth, but “influencers” on TikTok are taking it to another level. Rather than seeing their dentist, they’re using nail files to grind their way to a more perfect smile. These experiments in at-home cosmetic dentistry have had seemingly positive short-term results. Unfortunately, the long-term problems far outweigh the benefits.

16-year old Aislin Rendulic is an unlucky example of how DIY dentistry can go wrong. Rendulic always felt insecure about her crooked teeth, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. But she ended up filing it down too much, resulting in increased sensitivity from nerve exposure. Now she and other participants in the teeth filing trend are trying to sound the alarm.

Teeth Filing and Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are the result of enamel erosion. This can result in pain when eating or drinking things that are too hot or too cold.

Enamel is the outer shell of your tooth. It protects your teeth from the regular wear and tear of:

  • Biting
  • Chewing 
  • Grinding

The inner parts of your teeth (including nerves in your tooth) become exposed without it. These parts of your teeth, such as dentin, are much more sensitive and need the enamel’s protection to prevent sensitivity.

Preventing Teeth Sensitivity

Fortunately, sensitivity is preventable. You can simply start by not filing them down with a metal nail file. For extra protection, follow a good oral health regimen, including:

  • Brushing twice a day 
  • Flossing at least once a day 
  • Regular dental appointments

You can also protect your enamel by switching to a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoiding acidic foods and drinks.

Invisalign in Augusta, GA: The Better Alternative for Straight Teeth

Invisalign is a system of clear, plastic aligning trays designed to straighten your teeth. They come in a series, gradually straightening your teeth with each new tray. Unlike braces, they don’t require hardware such as metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands. Instead, they straighten teeth discreetly so you can remain confident in your smile.

At Augusta Family Dental, we create a digital treatment plan to give you the smile you deserve. We make a map of your mouth and learn how your teeth move to create a custom series of aligners that apply the correct amount of pressure to move them into the proper position. We follow your development, making sure everything is going according to plan. 

The new teeth shaving TikTok trend can have serious consequences for your teeth. It involves removing enamel from the outer surface, which can result in increased sensitivity. You can prevent sensitivity by maintaining good oral hygiene and not filing your own teeth. Consider getting Invisalign instead for a straighter smile.

Want to learn more about getting straighter teeth? Contact us today to learn more about Invisalign!

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