Synapse Dental Pain Eraser

Synapse Pain Eraser

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A common question asked by patients is, “Will my treatment hurt?” We’ve got good news! 



Our team is committed to your comfort and a positive treatment experience. We offer our patients the Dental Pain Eraser:  a clinically proven, electronic dental anesthesia device that eases discomfort before, during, and after procedures. Our patients love the amazing experience of transforming smiles in our practice.

How Synapse Dental Pain Eraser Works

If you are considering orthodontic treatment and nervous about possible discomfort, we’ve got you covered in our practice! The award-winning, FDA-cleared Synapse Dental Pain Eraser “pen” delivers gentle, electric pulses that prevent and remove discomfort without needles, numbing gels or drugs, with relief lasting up to 48 hours. This long-lasting relief allows for your comfort with the following:



  • New braces, aligners, and bite correction appliances
  • Adjustments
  • Wire and rubber band changes
  • Bite sensitivity
  • Aphthous ulcers (canker sores)
  • Bracket removal
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Other dental applications such as whitening and extractions

Our Care for Excellence Extends Beyond Our Practice

We know that oral pain can show up anywhere, at any time. To continue a positive treatment experience after you’ve left our practice, we also prescribe the Dental Pain Eraser cutting-edge technology for at-home use by patients. Just apply the device to your tooth or gum, and in less than two minutes – you’ll prevent or relieve discomfort. You can now be pain-free before, during, AND after your appointment.


Ask your dentist during your next appointment if Synapse Dental Pain Eraser may be right for you!


How to Use the Dental Pain Eraser at Home

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