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Augusta Family Dental Now Offers the Highest Level of Patient Care & Comfort with the Dental Pain Eraser.

Augusta, GA, October 25, 2023 – Achieve the perfect smile with the highest level of care and comfort during your dental treatment. Augusta Family Dental now offers the Dental Pain Eraser, a pen-shaped, electronic dental anesthesia solution that ensures a positive, more comfortable cleaning and dental experience – without the need for needles, numbing gels, or drugs.

The Dental Pain Eraser prevents and relieves discomfort from orthodontic procedures such as new braces, aligners, and bite correction appliances, adjustments, wires and rubber band changes, and advanced applications such as bite ramps, anchor placement, and programmed wires. The device is also effective on other dental applications such as whitening, cleaning and extractions, and provides relief from canker sores and TMJ/TMD discomfort. In short, it eases all kinds of discomfort from the inside of your mouth, is super easy to use, and can be used for adults and kids, too.

How does it work? This FDA-cleared device sends gentle, subsensory electric pulses to calm the nerves in the mouth and block dental pain. This long-lasting relief option is perfect for patients who are nervous about their appointments and want to avoid discomfort during their treatment.

The metal tips of the Dental Pain Eraser are applied to your tooth or gum, and in less than 2 minutes – any discomfort instantly subsides and lasts up to 48 hours.

To continue a positive treatment experience after you’ve left our practice, we also prescribe the Dental Pain Eraser for at-home use by patients.  You can now be pain-free before, during, AND after your appointment. Book your appointment today with Augusta Family Dental and let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oral pain can I use it for?

The Dental Pain Eraser can be used for hard or soft oral tissue. You can apply the Dental Pain Eraser to your tooth or gum to prevent and relieve pain and sensitivity from dental cleanings, extractions, surgery, implants or orthodontics (braces), as well as oral disorders such as canker sores and TMJ/TMD.

How fast does it take effect, and how long does it last?

The Dental Pain Eraser can prevent or relieve pain within 30 seconds, with pain relief lasting up to 48 hours with no side effects.

How long can I apply the Dental Pain Eraser?

While the Dental Pain Eraser is extremely safe and can be applied for an extended period of time, we recommend a maximum of 10 minutes of application per session.

Is the Dental Pain Eraser safe for children?

The Dental Pain Eraser has been cleared for use with all age groups, including children and adults.

It is drug-free, needle-free and numb-free, and is extremely safe without known adverse effects, allergic reaction, or harm to a patient.

How do I purchase the Dental Pain Eraser?

The Dental Pain Eraser requires a prescription from a licensed dental professional. Ask our dental professional how you can purchase your own Dental Pain Eraser today!

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